Our Team


This is the highest decision making body of the organization which is headed by the founder / Chairman Board of trustees.

  1. Abimbola Akinyemi ( Founder/ Chairman) :

Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi  is a clinical psychologist and social entrepreneurial (Professional Chef with 21 years of experience) with many years of experience in volunteering and social works. He founded the NGO with the aim of alleviating the crisis of drug addiction / mental challenges among the children and youths of Nigeria. He is also the project coordinator of the NGO. He is passionate about giving back to the society and investing in the future of the youths. He was motivated  to start the NGO when a young able body drug dependent  man who was mistaken for a burglar was  almost lynched, but through his timely intervention he discovered that the young man was drug dependent and not in his right state of mind. He was lucky to have escaped death by whisk. So the need to start the NGO became urgent and necessary because his case was one in thousands of many youths that are abusing drugs/substances in Nigeria. As a clinical psychologist who is well grounded in psychotherapy and other psychological healing skills have assisted a lot of youths that are emotionally traumatized   and suicidal many times.  Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi   presides over every meetings , interface with donors / donor agencies , government agencies and philanthropists in a bid to sustain the organization. 

  1. Sandra Salam ( Secretary )

 Mrs. Sandra Salam is an early childhood professional with many years of crèche experience. She has special interest in children’s welfare and development.  She is the secretary of the organization. She takes and keeps the records or meetings, issuing memos   and proof reading external memo. 

  1. Barrister Grace Obeahon ( Legal Adviser/ PRO)

Barrister Grace Obeahon  is the legal professional with years of experience in public and civil law. She counsels the NGO on the laws guiding the conduct of the NGO in Nigeria. She is also a social worker with special interest in the youths. She also doubles as the public relation officer. She is a social entrepreneurial (fashion designer )  

  1. Doctor Afe Duke ( Head of Medical Team )

Doctor Afe Duke is a specialist in children’s health (Pediatrician) with special interest in children’s mental wellbeing. He is also passionate about the mental wellbeing of the youths. He has many years of experience and also passionate about reducing sickness as a result of drug dependence. 

  1. Florence Adewale ( Head of Counseling )

Mrs. Florence Adewale is the mother of the NGO with large heart and several years of experience in counseling youths and marriages with challenges. She is an assistant pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. She works with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) headquarter in Maitama , Abuja . She is also a social welfare and entrepreneurial (Professional Chef and event manager) she has touched the lives of many youths and families. She is also passionate about reducing drug addiction, risky behavior and abuses among the children and vulnerable youths. 

  1. Oloruntoba Alabi ( Auditor/ Accountant )

Mr. Oloruntoba Alabi is an accountant/ auditor with many years of experience in NGO accounting. He has worked and still working with reputable international organizations. He is also passionate about the mental well-being of our future leaders ( the youths). He is also an assistant pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.


Aside Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi who is the chief executive officer of the NGO, there are several other backroom staffs that have contributed and still contributing immensely to the growth and development of the NGO. These staff had been the driving force that have  made the NGO  to achieve most of its aims and objectives.

  • Hajia Fatima Yusuf (Head Program Planning and Strategy )
  • Florence Richard (Supervisor Monitoring and evaluation)
  • Blessing Tyavkor (Social Welfare Officer )
  • Olugbenga Akinyemi (External Auditor)
  • Zacheaus Olaolu (Occupational Therapist)
  • Simeon Oluwagbemi (Moral Counselor)
  • Adejo Ameh (Graphic Designer)
  • Amaechi Marthar (Welfare Officer)
  • Oluchuckwu Umeononamma (Social Worker)
  • Mr Lawal Emmanuel Taiwo (ICT and graphics)
  • Roselyn Irikiti ( Admin Officer)
  • Bucky Aimila ( Office assistant)
  • Samuel Olorunfemi ( ICT)
  • Tomi Adewale ( Medical Officer )
  • Idiat Yahaya ( Financial Officer )


CYMHDAP overtime have nineteen (19) volunteers that are contributing partially on hourly basis.   The volunteers have contributed a lot to the success of the programs of the NGO.  Over the year the volunteers were able to contribute in the area of media and publicity, welfare, logistics and counseling.